Oracle SOA

Oracle's complete SOA offering, Oracle SOA Suite 11g, is an integrated, best-of-breed suite of products that helps you rapidly design and assemble, deploy and manage, highly agile and adaptable business applications. This 100 percent standards-based, hot-pluggable infrastructure interoperates with your existing IT investments lowering your upfront costs. Many Oracle customers have succeeded in deploying high-volume, mission-critical SOA systems by leveraging the industry's best service bus, Oracle Service Bus, combined with Oracle's renowned extreme-scalability on a grid computing infrastructure. Oracle SOA Suite is the foundation technology for Oracle Application Integration Architecture: Oracle's solution for delivering rapid application integrations.

Oracle Service Bus

Oracle Service Bus transforms complex and brittle architectures into agile integration networks by connecting, mediating, and managing interactions between services and applications. Oracle Service Bus delivers low-cost, standards-based integration for mission critical SOA environments where extreme performance and scalability are requirements.

Oracle Service Bus 11g introduces new capabilities such as Service Result Cache, Automated Lifecycle Service Governance, and improved performance and availability for organizations using enterprise datacenters, as well as cloud environments.

Oracle Business Process Management

Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g is the industry's most unified and complete business process management suite. It drives more efficiency, visibility, and agility from a broader range of processes than any other suite of products. Whether the process is a line-of-business mandate or an IT exercise in systems integration, Oracle BPM Suite 11g offers the flexibility that the business demands, hand-in-hand with the power IT requires. The result is an agile platform that brings together your existing applications, enabling you to react quickly to new business requirements. Oracle BPM Suite 11g simplifies your path to process management success with a unified process foundation, user-centric design, and social BPM interaction.

Addvantum assists its customers in boosting efficiency, flexibility and productivity - without sacrificing their existing technology investment - using a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) foundation. Addvantum can help weave together your ERP, CRM, SCM packages, legacy systems, new Web-based and other applications through message-oriented middleware, ESB suites and other application integration technologies.

Addvantum provides the surest way to a fast, successful SOA implementation”via best-practices, and seasoned & skilled resources to build a responsive and an adaptive enterprise.


Addvantum employs essential practices for SOA success, including the most thorough methodology & reference architectures for a successful best practices SOA implementation. It includes SOA Assessment, SOA Strategy - Formulation and Planning, SOA Architecture Roadmap for transitioning to a Service-Oriented Enterprise (SOE), and SOA Value Measurement.


Superior Platforms like Oracle's SOA 11g virtually guarantee a reliable, unified, and complete infrastructure for long-term success by partnering with Addvantum

Seasoned & Well-Trained Resources

Addvantum puts expertise on your side, with consulting services and world-class partners that work together to provide everything needed for a successful SOA implementation.

By approaching SOA holistically and pragmatically, Addvantum provides organizations with comprehensive support and tools to make their SOA initiatives an enduring success. Addvantum has end-to-end expertise in putting a strategy around SOA followed by its execution on Oracle platforms.

Our service professionals will work with you to meet your business specific needs in the following areas:

  • SOA Envisioning & Discovery
  • SOA Governance
  • SOA Architecture
  • Business Process Modeling and Orchestration
  • SOA Service Identification & Development
  • SOA Management


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