Higher Education Overview

Today, many colleges and universities are investing hefty amounts of their institutional budgets on enterprise-wide implementations of student management systems. The rationale is to replace legacy systems with robust, secure, scalable and extensible solutions that offer flexibility and growth. Successful higher education institutions are making it a practice to focus on the best way to communicate with their students.

Higher education institutions are being called on to deliver more with less, managing tight resources and thinning budgets while continuing to advance their institutional mission and operational and strategic goals. With rising government regulations and less public fund to support an ever-challenging economy, tailored best practices from Higher education industry are required along with an experienced IT partner to implement solutions that cater to industry needs in reducing cost, improving efficiency and retaining quality students.

More emphasis is now being paid on all the events and touch-points that make up the long-term relationship that a student has with his college or university. This relationship is now being defined as the student life-cycle. This student life-cycle is the main focal point of Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Campus Solutions Release 9.0. PeopleSoft Campus Solutions helps in managing the entire student life from admissions, services for students, and alumni relations till jobs in a safe and secure environment.

We also offer capabilities in the Implementation of PeopleSoft Financials, PeopleSoft HCM and Oracle Cloud for Higher Education. The PeopleSoft Implementation of Financials and Human Capital Management(HCM) provides an integrated and university-wide administrative system that:

  • Enhances customer service and support of efficient administrative processes
  • Provides faculty with better access to research and grants management tools and student-advisory communication tools
  • Provides staff with real-time access to key reporting needs associated with the administration

Addvantum's PeopleSoft Financials implementation practice helps clients define innovative techniques to check profitability and financial performance for strategic management.

Addvantum's firm process orientation in conjunction with the power of PeopleSoft HCM solution makes a deep-seated difference in the quality of people management in clients' organizations. It has thoroughly developed an excellent team of functional and domain consultants who can add value to any organization through various HR re-engineering processes.

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise applications are designed in such a way that they address the most complex business requirements. In addition to providing complete business and industry solutions, PeopleSoft applications offer a wide variety of benefits including scalability and future of online campus, flexible, adaptable and open solutions, a one stop, one click solution for many functionalities, improved collaboration and interaction with students and faculty, web services integration that fit effortlessly into a heterogeneous applications environment, a high functioning student system and effective transaction processing.

Addvantum has one of the most prominent PeopleSoft practices with global delivery expertise and an impressive portfolio of engagements delivered across North American, EMEA and ASEAN regions.

The PeopleSoft team has a large pool of consultants with experience and proficiency in providing implementation, upgrade, global rollout, application support and custom-development services to customers from key industries like Banking, Manufacturing, Higher Education, Public Sector, Oil and Gas etc.

Our PeopleSoft Implementation Service offering is aimed at providing a comprehensive implementation support to our customers worldwide. The complete support consists of installation, implementation, customization, integration and up gradation. Our implementation of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions is unique and speaks for itself:

  • We accommodate smaller budget institutions through our competitive fixed-price model
  • We follow a rapid implementation methodology that ensures faster roll out
  • Our Phased Project Approach allows simpler implementations and upgrades
  • We bring expertise and experience of higher education practices from across the globe
  • We bring unmatched expertise in integrating Campus Solutions with myriad third-party products and software solutions
  • We bring rich experience of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions implementation at various types of Universities and Colleges: general, specialized, private and public sector; large and small
  • Provides end-to-end support for Application Support and Maintenance, Upgrades, Consolidations, Integrations, Blue Printing, Implementations, Rollouts and Migrations
  • Healthy mix of domain and technical knowledge
  • ITIL certified consultants
  • High level of product development and testing skills

Other Major Value Additions include:

  • Online Admissions Application
  • Scholarship Management
  • Course & Faculty Evaluation
  • Residence Management System
  • Campus Solutions Mobile Applications

Our Service Offerings in PeopleSoft Campus Solution 9.0 (Consulting & Assessment, Implementation, Upgrade, Testing, Integration, ASM, etc) include:

  • Application Maintenance Services
  • Accelerated Application Upgrade Services
  • Application Implementation & Roll Out
  • Assessment & Blue print Service
  • Integration & Cross Application Migration Service
  • New development & Testing Service

The Roadmap to Cloud Adoption

Addvantum Cloud Services team includes experts who can help organizations organize the roadmap to Cloud adoption based on your business and technology maturity level.

Addvantum offers end-to-end offerings on Cloud with strategic consulting and advisory services to further transform the way organizations utilize IT. Our methodology ensures that enterprises view Cloud as a transformation model, with minimum capital outlays for an agile, cost-effective yet completely secure IT infrastructure and optimal Return on Investments (ROI).

The Oracle HCM Cloud helps you streamline global HR Management and enhance global agility through Oracle HCM Cloud.

Get a head start with Oracle Financials Cloud by simplifying your financial business processes and technology requirements, integrating your decision making with real-time business information, collaborating with others using social business objects and controlling your costs with higher productivity.

Our PeopleSoft Financials Offerings allow integration of critical business functions, increased visibility of crucial information, enhanced productivity and reduced costs through automation of business processes, enforcement of compliance and controls, allowing you to achieve world-class finance processes.

Addvantum's HCM consultants are helping companies meet some of their most complicated Human Capital challenges. Our HCM practitioners have domain expertise in Core HR, Benefits, Payroll, Talent, Learning and Compensation Management. This, together with our Oracle PeopleSoft HCM expertise, Fusion HCM expertise, global resources and lifecycle management experience make us one of the prominent providers of HCM solutions and services.

Our PeopleSoft HCM Practice will allow you to unify talent management and ERP, increase employee involvement and reduce costs through automation of HR services, encourage creation of knowledge databases to make more informed decisions and offer improved self service experience through mobile apps and dashboard. We enable you to architect a global foundation for HR data and improved business processes, increase productivity, accelerate business performance and lower your cost of ownership.

PeopleSoft HCM

Addvantum's Human Capital Management Practice is powered by global professionals, whose commitment has earned us Oracle Specialized status in Oracle’s PeopleSoft Human Capital Management and Oracle PeopleSoft PeopleTools. Our HCM team is comprised of industry experts with vast experience in implementing complex solutions using PeopleSoft, Fusion and Oracle packaged HCM applications.

Our HCM practice features:

  • Global dedicated HR consultants
  • Years of project experience
  • Range of delivery options: on-premise, SaaS, BPO outsourcing, hybrid

Gearing Up for the Future

Addvantum's global resource base means that we can gear up to meet the largest and most challenging HCM engagements – and do it cost-efficiently with flexible onshore, near-shore or offshore teams. Addvantum offers a full continuum of implementations and services, including HR assessments, strategy and roadmap development, technology selection, solution upgrades and implementations, and ongoing application support and maintenance.

In addition, we offer innovative solution-delivery models – from on-premise solutions, to Web-hosted services, to outsourcing contracts in which Addvantum manages parts or all of your HR function.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing PeopleSoft HCM implementation, combine operations on a single platform, or completely transform your HR function, Addvantum has the experience and expertise to make it happen.

Our HCM Consulting team possesses industry-leading talent, upbeat thought leadership and innovative solutions. We have differentiated ourselves over the course of several, full-lifecycle implementations by improving client productivity, streamlining business processes and delivering higher returns on investment.

Addvantum HCM services revolve around People, Process and Technology. Leveraging this, we can help your organization improve business performance by simplifying the process of attracting, retaining, and managing the talent your business needs to stay ahead of the competition. We offer HCM solutions that allow you to leverage business process best practices and fully integrated systems that take the trouble and conjecture out of managing your most complex HR processes.

PeopleSoft Financials

In these pressing economic times, financial executives need complete access to the correct data to make informed decisions. Addvantum's experience goes well beyond implementing core ERP financials. We excel in helping financial leaders think beyond the limitations of a system to solve problems and take a hands-on stance.

  • Core ERP Financials
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance

Financial Management solution for all industry verticals:

  • Projects and Grants solution for public sector and service industries
  • Procurement automation solution
  • Asset Life Cycle Management
  • Treasury Management solution
  • Time and Expense Management solution
  • Database upgrades, migrations, data archiving
  • Database security auditing/compliance
  • Performance analysis and tuning

Our PeopleSoft Financials Offerings allow integration of critical business functions, increased visibility of crucial information, enhanced productivity and reduced costs through automation of business processes, enforcement of compliance and controls, allowing you to achieve world-class finance processes.

Student Information Analytics

Successful higher education institutions are transforming the way they deliver education and operate to better align with the opportunities and challenges of rising global competition, expanding regulatory requirements, economic forces, and technology. On the same token, however, global economic conditions are putting a downward pressure on their finances. As a result, most institutions want and need better insight and analysis of their core operations to make better decisions and take suitable action.

Oracle Student Information Analytics, provides academic institutions with best-in-class reporting and analytic capabilities. It allows them to make better decisions, enhance student recruiting efforts, reduce time-to-graduation, improve retention rates, identify successful and unsuccessful courses and programs, and analyze faculty workloads.

Providing a Stronghold for Strategic Decision making

Student Information Analytics provides a firm foundation for making informed, and planned decisions about recruiting efforts, course offerings, and the student population. It allows business users to improve retention rates by tracking student performance, forecast and monitoring of enrollment, retention and graduation rates. It also helps to improve recruitment and optimize staffing decisions and identifies top and bottom performing students, teachers, and programs. It also enables better decision-making based on readily available student information.

Student Information Analytics consists of the following three content areas which, when deployed together, constitute an inclusive, integrated analytic platform.

  • Recruitment and Admissions
  • Student Records
  • Student Financials

Express Roadmap to Oracle BI Applications 11g and ODI

In addition to new tools and utilities to accelerate deployment and reduce the total cost of ownership, and support for E-Business Suite, Siebel, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards sources, this next-generation BI Applications release is the ultimate approach for new Oracle BI customers to swiftly deploy packaged business analytics within their organization – and Addvantum is here to ensure your initial implementation is on the “fast track” to success.

This new release delivers a complete new product framework along with new dashboards, new content, and a new security structure.

Oracle BI Applications require installation, configuration and connection to your data sources; with the BI Applications requiring on-premise installation, or being managed as a service “in the cloud”. In addition, almost every BI Application deployment involves customization to one degree or another, to bring in or integrate additional data sources, deal with data issues or simply meet your specific requirements for dashboards and KPIs. Addvantum is a reputed specialist with both Oracle Data Integrator and the Oracle BI Applications.

But it's not merely our technical and product skills that make us the ultimate partner for delivering the BI Applications within your organization. Our proven project method and highly-experienced and skilled delivery team will ensure you’re on the path to Oracle Business Intelligence Applications success.

Addvantum’s Scholarship Management System enables universities to track the performance of students who have been awarded scholarships to study abroad by external entities. Such scholarships are essentially provided by the university if its students fulfill certain university set criteria that helps them qualify for a scholarship to enroll in a specific university abroad. Because the university is awarding them this scholarship, they need a tracking mechanism that allows the performance of these students to be constantly monitored. Since funding is done by an external entity, the tracking of financials cannot take place. Scholarship Management System as proposed and implemented by Addvantum is a detailed and step-by-step procedure involving the following:

The screenshots below elaborate the whole procedure:

Step-1: Step-2: Step-3: Step-4: Step-5: Step-6: Step-7:

Residence Management System

Addvantum’s Residence Management System is precisely designed for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. Our application delivers universities significant benefits because it is essentially integrated with Campus Solutions and based on PeopleTools technology.


It is developed specifically for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. The system is built entirely on PeopleTools technology. It exists directly in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions.

It is a module within Campus Solutions, rather than an interface from an external application. This is what distinguishes it from third party software. It is integratedwith PeopleSoft Campus Solutions applications.

All Residence activities are consolidated into a single student enterprise system with the other areas of Student Administration.


The Residence Management System exists as a module within PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and is completely integrated with Campus Community, Admissions, Student Records and Student Financials.

No interface is required, which allows administrators and staff to successfully manage student housing and legal operations in a unified, integrated system with other areas of student administration.

It helps to eliminate hardware costs and minimize risks affiliated with ongoing third party interfaces to and from PeopleSoft Campus Solutions.

Residence staff will not be required to maintain two sets of student data and perform updates in two separate databases.

It provides real time, up to date housing data in a single integrated system. Changes to data appear instantaneously throughout Campus Solutions.

Residence Management System security is identical to the delivered security options of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. It takes advantage of Permission Lists and Roles, Academic Structure Security and Security Views.

Our integrated Residence Management System is competitively priced and accessible to all institutions.

Students today expect instant, personal, easy access to information they need when they need it and on their mobile devices. They want mobile access to library systems, contact numbers and details, campus maps, class-related information, transactions, and more. To meet these demands, Addvantum has rolled out a continuing series of mobile enhancements specifically designed to meet the exclusive needs of higher education. The structure upon which the new Campus Solutions mobile features are designed will allow institutions to easily brand, customize, and extend the Smartphone application to provide maximum value to students through their mobile devices.

The new mobile features allow a student to take action on and manage key processes through a native, secure, Smartphone application. These features will allow students with their mobile device to:

  • View class schedules, instructors and locations
  • Map campus locations in the student’s class schedule
  • Receive notifications and view important events such as final grade postings
  • Search the schedule of classes using keyword search with filtering options
  • Manage the enrollment backpack (shopping cart feature) to see all their enrollment options and choose to add or drop classes
  • Monitor academic progress and plan courses / classes
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