Organizations globally intend to enhance user experience, simplify IT lifecycle management, streamline installations and enable faster deployment at minimal risks. Oracle E-Business Suite, a comprehensive business intelligence portfolio, assists enterprises in realizing significant value, by protecting existing investments, and providing immense value addition to existing applications. Addvantum provides Oracle's E-Business Suite (EBS) services, which offer organizations enhanced productivity and reduced costs, through a portfolio of brisk-value solutions, integrated business processes and industry-focused solutions.

Client Challenges

Transformation into a more scalable and adaptable business requires resolution of several challenges, such as:

  • Acquiring an end-to-end view across all business lines, facilitating coping with business expectations and change management
  • Ensuring consistent financial and operational information-driven performance, while ensuring strict adherence to timelines, schedules and budgets
  • Developing customer-focused applications that are future-ready, while protecting existing investments' value
  • Conducting data conversions & data cleansing and acquiring strong command over newer ERP systems
  • Creating empowered employees with relevant information tailored to their roles

What We Provide

Addvantum's Oracle Center of Excellence (CoE) provides Oracle EBS services that are aimed at managing & optimizing the performance of your Oracle E-Business Environment, and related IT services. The Addvantum portfolio of Oracle EBS services includes:

  • Oracle EBS Implementation
  • Oracle EBS Upgrade
  • Oracle EBS Support

Leveraging our significant Oracle knowledge, Addvantum's Oracle CoE has been helping clients replace older legacy systems, integrate 3rd party bolt on systems, improve business results and consequently increase return on investment.

Business Value

The Addvantum Oracle CoE has developed sets of solution accelerators and tool kits that enable us to, increase predictability in our projects, and offer our customers multiple benefits. Some of these business benefits include:

  • Highly compressed implementation/roll-out cycle times
  • End-to-end offerings, including consultancy on legacy systems and required applications
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership
  • Delivery excellence with proven experience
  • Standardized processes based on proven practices such as Six Sigma and SEI CMM Level 5
  • Flexible and adaptable approach towards high degree of client satisfaction

EBS Profile

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Oracle EBS

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