Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM)

FIM harmonizes identity data and passwords across diverse data sources allowing rapid preparing and equipping of user accounts and enhancing efficiency. It includes a SharePoint based console enabling IT staff to manage identities, and access credentials leading to expense reductions for user account management. With the application of FIM, the automation of the user lifecycle allows improved security, greater control of access to systems, enhanced password management and removal or storage of stale accounts. Addvantum has wide experience in the provision of Identity and Access Management solutions. Our FIM implementation and support solutions cover a broad array of client requirements.

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Access Management

What is Access Management?

Access Management governs which websites or portions within web sites a user can access and verification they require to access each piece. By installing an Access Manager as a part of the security infrastructure, users can gain Single Sign On to the web sites that they can access. Moreover, portions of web sites can be removed from an individual's access list. Access Manager also helps in graded verification. In order to gain access to a web site, an initial login with ID and Password can be sufficient, but for more secure sites, Access Manager can apply two factor verification even when the original application does not provide two factor authentications.

NetIQ Access Manager

Access Manager can be used to consolidate access control for all web sites, eliminating the need for several software tools at several places. One access solution is tailored to all applications and information resources. In addition, Access Manager includes assistance for major federation standards, including SAML and WS-Federation. The browser-based Management Console is a principal domain for viewing, configuring and organizing all installed elements and procedures. It also allows your IT manager to assess the strength of the network in real time and automate certificate distribution.

Microsoft UAG

Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway 2010 (UAG) is a complete solution for providing secure distant access to an organization’s resources to authorized users from both managed and unmanaged devices. There is a variety of connectivity options from SSL VPN to Direct Access to meet an organization’s requirements. UAG provides role based access and single sign-on to users from a wide range of devices while enhancing security by enabling solid authentication to applications and minimizing the risks of downloaded data from unmanaged devices.

How can Addvantum assist?

Addvantum has considerable experience in effective implementation of Access Manager and UAG. We can offer you the capability to make your implementation operate efficiently and make sure you have the correct solution to meet your requirements including design through to implementation and support.

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