ITIL Assessments offer a no risk evaluation of your IT infrastructure. Do your IT initiatives support your business objectives in a quantifiable fashion? Does your service management platform add to customer loyalty, or erode it? Are you managing complex, cross unit initiatives with multiple toolsets and vendors where the right hand doesn't always know what the left hand is doing? Long gone are the days when you can afford to cobble together disparate technology solutions and manage multiple IT vendor relationships and still stay ahead of the business/technology curve. In today's post we'll examine the value of an ITIL assessment

CIOs and CTOs need to apply leverage and velocity in realigning their IT infrastructure to achieve performance enhancements across the enterprise, and there is no better platform to adopt than ITIL if you're serious about service management performance. It should therefore be obvious that when considering the adoption of an ITIL framework for your organization that a prudent place to start would be with an ITIL assessment. By selecting the right ITIL consultancy you have the opportunity to map out solutions for the even the most sophisticated service management challenges that can be delivered with a total certainty of execution.

Whether you require an in-depth strategic assessment, or a short-term tactical assessment, Addvantum's professional services group can offer you the following insights:

  • We can focus the ITIL Assessment on a specific area of concern at a very atomic level, or we can take a more global approach on larger impact areas. Our flexibility in tailoring assessments to your individual needs is the hallmark of our client-centric focus.
  • Because we are a leading ITIL consultancy we have worked across industries, sectors, and verticals and have the knowledge and experience to provide highly creative and exceptionally effective solutions to your challenges. Whether you desire to leverage our knowledge base for best practices implementations or reinvent the wheel, Addvantum stands ready to provide you with the counsel your organization needs and deserves.
  • In a short period of time Addvantum can pinpoint areas where immediate gains can be made and victories can be won. We offer our clients the ability to improve delivery times, cut costs, and improve performance.

If you're interested in finding out how to leverage ITIL solutions then call us to schedule an ITIL assessment today...

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