Technology can do wonders for education and benefit multiple stakeholders such as students, instructors and the management of educational institutions. These benefits include enhanced learning, and the capability to monitor progress throughout the system which Addvantum is completely capable of providing. It is also fully equipped to prepare its clients to fight the toughest battles including the likes of regulation and disruption.

Challenges and Opportunities

The Presence of Virtual Colleges: New technology has allowed the integration of students, teachers, third party vendors and regulators.The use of social media and innovative instructional methodologies can prove to bea huge source of competitive edge.

Student Mobility: Students undertake education globally with increased international alliances,acquisitions from private institutes and the opening of foreign branch campuses.

Students’ evolving demands: Today’s students demand an extensive array of options ranging from digital learning to career counseling; Addvantum’s solutions can provide you with such a competitive advantage.

Increased regulation: The demand for rising accountability with reference to student success and employability is changing fundamental institutional processes in student management, administration, and marketing. There are new measures and tracking tools that can provide evidence of 'value addition.’

How we deliver business value

Addvantum combines proficiency in consultancy and implementation services to deliver solutions that counter industry issues, while improving quality at minimal cost. We deliver measurable business value in three ways – business transformation, accelerating innovation, and efficient operations.

Addvantum is a leading regional provider of the following applications for Higher Education Sector in the region:

  • PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and integrated modules for Oracle Financial and Human Capital Management
  • Learning Management System integrated with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions using Oracle SAIP

Our consultants, with extensive domain knowledge and experience about the business processes unique to colleges and universities, ascertain the specific needs of the client and then use our proprietary Methodology to deliver an optimal solution.

Financial services companies compete in a flat world where, more than ever before, competitors are intense, customers are savvier and the market place is less forgiving.

Banks, insurers and capital markets companies must perform at the highest levels so they can create sustainable value for their customers and shareholders. We help move clients forward in every part of their businesses with our expertise in financial services consulting, technology and outsourcing.

Client Challenges

  • Increasing controlling and security needs
  • Providing greater levels of customer service
  • Managing price pressures with greater efficacy

What We Provide

  • Dependable and secure systems that meet market changes quickly developlucrative customer relationships and acquire new opportunities to beat competition.
  • Complete, end-to-end, domain-led business process solutions that allow Banking and Financial Services institutions to concentrate on their core financial services competencies.


Addvantum's dedicated banking professionalshelp banks consolidate, rationalize and automate to outperform competitors.

Capital Markets

We help capital markets leaders achieve operational excellence and differentiation, setting them on the road to high performance.


Addvantum helps insurers achieve high performance to deliver quality products at low cost, enabling market differentiation without back-office complexity.

Business Value

We will help you recognize and appreciate the significance of your goals, which may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Enhanced investments
  • Enriched operational efficiencies
  • Reduced risk
  • Continued cost leadership

Around the world, public sector organizations are exposed to a variety of challenges – such as intricate mission requirements, increasing demands of civilian service levels, rapid technology improvements, and rising budget cuts. Addvantum’s goal is to help public sector firms cope with these issues, and reform, modernize and ­cater to specific needs in different regions / countries. It also aims to employ its well-known implementation competencies to provide measurable public value with highly transparent and accountable services with a reasonable level of certainty.

How we deliver business value

Addvantum possesses sound skills in swiftly developing solutions to efficiently respond to emerging needs of citizens. Our focus is on enabling government IT and Business Process Outsourcing services that are cost-efficient, adaptable, user-friendly and affordable to all segments of the society. We believe that the three strategic focus areas for a better government are change, modernization and development, and we are dedicated to provideenduringsolutions in these areas.


  • Management Consultancy Services
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft

Manufacturing organizations today are facing increased pressures on profitability despite using the latest technologies to optimize quality and productivity. Addvantum Industry manufacturing Solution streamlines the business processes across the enterprise by reducing inventory, optimizing sourcing and managing customer demand to focus primarily on optimizing production leading to higher profitability.

Addvantum Industry Manufacturing Solution comprises: Financial Management, Human Capital Management, Procurement, Sales & Distribution, Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Plant Maintenance, Smart Alerts & Responders, Dashboards, Workflow.

At Addvantum, we are committed towards helping our customers derive value through their IT investments. In the process we have made significant investments in understanding manufacturing operations of industrial manufacturing industry. This has enabled us to conceptualize and develop industry specific services and solution accelerators.

Comprehensive Solutions for the Energy Industry

Business and operational complications in the energy industry seem to be mounting. Ideas that dominated the beginning years of the century including peak oil,global warming,and elderly staffhave widened and include the likes of environmental safety, regulatory compliance, the requirement for new business models, new regions, public sector projects and methods for mining minerals from the deepest waters, among others.

However, with information technology and consulting services as transformation enablers, organizations can accelerate the resolution of these challenges:

Health, safety and environment: Organizations need to go deeper to explore without compromising the health of their employees.With mechanisms in place for information sharing, competitive intelligence and coordination,enterprises can equip themselves to identify risk and prevent hazards.

Aging employees: Employees must be valued and their skills capitalized upon through training, workflow automation and creation of knowledge databases-which would fuel long-term growth.

Integrating assets: Decision making gets more complex with disparate assets spread across regions.Integrating these assets and improving portfolios can boost output and bolster enterprises for decision-making.

How we assist

In response to such complexities,our experienced staff of automation and IT specialists located in different regions across the world, providesstate-of-the-art, local automation solutionsand field services to energy companies.

The solutions offered include:

  • Automation
  • Industrial IT & Security
  • Enterprise Data Solutions
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