Competitive challenges across industries demand operational superiority, higher productivity and legal compliance, optimum asset utilization, decreasedidle time and resolution of employee safety issues. This calls for sophisticated field equipment and examination of collected data which is projected in multi-screen scenarios.

For industrial product producers, Addvantum develops and tests smart meters, smart electrical grids, industrial gateways and machines. This includes Graphical user Interface, rapid prototyping using computer-aided design(CAD),internal audit/testing and certification. All elements of industrial system integration are tackled with expertise in past applications, configuration stations, control centers, control systems, alarm management, information and reports to allow a concerted multi-screen work environment.

Addvantum helps customers successfully improve platform technologies, adopt contemporary functionality, attain compliance with growing standards, and attend to new markets through product customization and innovation.

Addvantum’s experts create the latest technology that addresses some of the most crucial issues in the industrial sector. Our team creates solutions that outclass the trend, use pioneering technology practices, and provide extraordinary return to investors. We guarantee you get the correct automation solutions, integration, security and support for your industrial projects. Our vendor neutral approach provides extreme responsiveness, scale, time-to-deliverability and consistency for a project of any size.

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