Providing User-Friendly Data in Real-Time

Enterprise Data Solutions (EDS) cover the space between Automation and Industrial IT. The emphasis of EDS is upon the integration and provision of real-time data in an organization.

Business decisionsare only as effective as the data from which they are made. Business elements often work independent of one another, usingseveraldata from numerousdissimilar sources. The goal of EDS is to make real-time data available to all business functions.

It also strives toprovide real-time data by utilizing technologies and procedures that presently reside within the business, but are not being fully capitalized, thus accomplishingsuperior functionality and integration using the available technology.

ERP and MES integration

  • Business Intelligence information provision to decision makers
  • Database integration and improvements
  • Advanced Report Development
  • Secure Application Hosting
  • Cloud Computing
  • SOA Programming
  • Control Room Organization
  • Identification of Functional design
  • Alarm Management and Validation
  • SCADA system development
  • SCADA as a Service™
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