Oracle Cloud ERP

Addvantum’s implementation of Oracle Cloud ERP can help your business grow smarter, faster, and more reliably without a large initial investment

You can gear performance with immediate firm-wide availability of the right information at all levels of your business. In addition, you can become more compliant and control costs better with increased productivity and policy enforcement. You also have the benefit of increasing business value by adopting industry leading best practices and simplifying IT operations. Finally, it allows you to coordinate more effectively and efficiently with stakeholders, suppliers, and partners while providing your users with a modern self-service mobile interface.

Building your future with Oracle Cloud Applications

Oracle Cloud applications are the newest set of transformational innovation launched by Oracle. A mix of technological advancement and best practiced features which stands out to drive a new business standard. Businesses across the universe are getting immense potential with this 100% open standard platform which includes the best of-breed functionality from existing Oracle applications product lines.

Addvantum's Oracle Cloud Applications group has established capabilities and proficiency with a wide array of customized solutions. Our Oracle Cloud application experts help customers in solving their grave business challenges, achieve the greatest returns on investment, and steer organizational transformation. Addvantum is a leading certified Fusion rapid start implementation partner to transform your business.

Oracle Cloud HCM

As a business executive in a midsized organization, you face the same issues as executives in large enterprises, but with the added demands of rapid growth. Although you still require a tight control over financial management and business performance, you are at the heart of the firm and have a large bearing on IT investment decisions to enable the development of the most important resource: your people.

Get a complete, responsive, and modern HCM suite that helps you balance efficiency and performance. This established cloud solution provides the appropriate business intelligence, tools, and technology to foster insight, adoption, and productivity.

With Oracle HCM Cloud, you can have the right employees for any growth or business strategy, enhance productivity and reduce turnover, improve decision-making through insight and actionable framework, leverage mobile and social technology, be able to analyze overall labor and payroll costs and leverage technology for efficient HR services delivery.

Streamline Workforce Management and Increase Global Agility

Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud supports smooth global processes and provides a host of features for benefits management, efficient compensation management, and a responsive and configurable structure for workforce planning. Native social and mobile functionality helps you deliver even better service to your workforce.

Aligns your employees to corporate objectives

Oracle Talent Management Cloud makes it easier for you to plan, recruit, develop, and retain the most-talented employees by providing a rich, integrated, secure enterprise computing environment to support all of your HCM software needs. With Oracle Talent Management Cloud, you can simplify talent management and achieve higher business success.

Oracle Taleo Cloud Service

Boost your Talent, Boost your Business, Deliver and Administer Learning and Development With Oracle Taleo Cloud Service

  • Gathers pertinent information throughout the employee's entire lifecycle
  • Enables HR, managers, and employees to utilize their cloud talent to steer improved performance and business success
  • Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service provides complete Talent Management for your firm

Oracle Cloud Financials

Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service offers an integrated financial management suite that is designed to modernize, restructure, and control financial processes end-to-end without costly hardware and system management overhead costs. The Oracle Cloud offers self-service business applications delivered on an integrated development and deployment platform with tools to rapidly extend and create new services. The Oracle Cloud is perfect for customers seeking subscription-based access to leading Oracle applications, middleware and database services, all hosted and expertly managed by Oracle. The application services are designed for ease-of-use, enabling business users to manage the solution directly with no IT involvement.

It includes an extensive range of competencies including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, expenses, collections and cash management as well as centralized accounting, tax, payment and intercompany engines.

Stay Ahead and Stay In charge

Nowadays, firms are under ever-increasing pressure to provide accurate and reliable information instantaneously to both internal and external stakeholders. Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service supports all financial reporting and analysis needs from a single system.

Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service delivers a distinctive reporting platform that is built with a multi-dimensional data model, embedded within Fusion General Ledger. Summarized balances are maintained in real-time making reports, online queries and multi-dimensional analysis extremely rapidly.

Self-Service Reporting Allows for Reporting and Analysis

The Oracle Fusion Financial Reporting Center provides a distinct location to securely distribute and view reports based on real-time accounting information, complete with drilldowns to live transactions.

Gather Insights for Better Decision Making

Our implementation of Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service provides embedded intelligence within the environment of business transactions to guide users’ decisions. Real time intelligence is displayed in the same window where users enter transactions so they do not have to re-direct to a separate page.

Increase Productivity and be More Profitable

Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service supports multiple productivity tools that help you capture transactions with greater efficiency and lower costs for resource-intensive tasks without compromising controls.

Oracle Cloud SCM

Innovate rapidly and scale your value chain

Fusion Supply Chain Management (SCM) applications are next generation applications built upon Oracle’s best in class SCM applications suite to address today’s newest business issues. Fusion SCM applications can transform your business operations by delivering: a single view for order, supply and delivery plans across the entire firm; a Global Order Promising solution to balance supply and demand information, a uniform product definition that is consistent within and across the enterprise value chain and complete inventory and cost management expertise. From reducing fulfillment costs to enhancing customer service, Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management applications allow you to accelerate your business processes and make more informed product related decisions.

The Oracle Fusion SCM Cloud includes the following applications:

Oracle Fusion Distributed Order Orchestration

It is designed to improve order orchestration across varied order capture and fulfillment scenarios. With centralized orchestration policies, global availability, and fulfillment monitoring, order profitability and customer satisfaction are enhanced and fulfillment costs and order errors are significantly reduced.

Oracle Fusion Inventory and Cost Management

Enables companies to successfully manage inbound logistics, inventory, and outbound logistics. This guarantees that the flow of material, along with any associated storage, is optimized to meet customer demand in a cost-effective manner. Fusion Cost Management, an advanced cost accounting solution, allows companies to efficiently manage product costing and inventory accounting business flows.

Oracle Fusion Procurement

With Oracle Fusion Procurement you can put into practice savvier negotiation, smarter buying, and smarter collaboration. Built on state-of-the art technology and open standards, Oracle Fusion Procurement provides an integrated suite of applications across procurement process to improve how organizations conduct their business.

Oracle Cloud Project Management

Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud is an all-inclusive and consolidated solution which greatly enhances the way project-driven organizations operate, enabling efficient and effective project management while ensuring smarter business decisions based on a single source of project truth. Project professionals take advantage of its well-established design to keep up, and bring unusual business and project insight. Social capabilities rooted throughout ensure steady communication in a secure, collaborative, team-based environment, for project delivery success.

Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud is designed to automate, streamline, and control project management processes end-to-end without expensive hardware and system management fixed costs. It provides end to end enterprise Project Portfolio Management for a single source of project truth. It also has embedded social collaboration tools, provides best of breed project portfolio management .It is modular and presents an easy way to adopt project execution management. It provides project resource management for best-fit resources on the right projects. It also includes collaborative project planning and scheduling, real-time social task management for team members. It is integrated across the enterprise, allows trends and historical analysis for project key performance indicators.

The key benefits of Oracle PPM Cloud include that of gaining real-time access to a single source of project truth, better decision making for project delivery success and ease in administrative burden of project financial planning, faster visibility into validated project costs, enforcement and automation of project contract compliance, reduced invoice processing costs and release of invoices more quickly, optimized resource utilization and deployment acceleration, improved project plan development and accuracy, empowered team members with social task management, enhanced project delivery and success.

Optimize the Project Lifecycle

PPM cloud is your software as a service Project Management solution that allows you to achieve the following:

  • Concentrate: On a distinct source of project facts
  • Fast-Track: Project delivery, productivity and efficacy
  • Cooperate: With social, mobile project and work management
  • Go beyond: Project goals and be more productive
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