Change Management

Addvantum’s Organizational Change Management framework is a people-centric process that is deployed during the planning and execution of complex sourcing initiatives.

A holistic educational and knowledge transfer plan can be used to ensure the delivery of the knowledge, tools, and capabilities required to ensure that your IT system is an effective tool for your organization. We customize and deliver our solution based on the four core competencies listed below in order to accomplish the highest level of success. We recommend that the following best practices be employed throughout the lifecycle of the initiative.

Problem/ Need Recognition

Methodically exploring the current state of the organization and pinpointing areas where change will be most evident and where the Change Management Design can have the most impact.


Develop Communication and Training Programs that are consistent and effectively delivered across the organization.


During an organizational change, timely and focused education enhances employee motivation and readiness, allowing for a smooth change period. We offer project team education, end user education, and education from the beginning of a project to the end of a project.

Performance Support

Once your new processes and systems are up and running, we provide guidance and mentoring to employees, as well as activities for System Support, Process Support, and Educational Support.

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