Business Process Outsourcing

At Addvantum, we work in collaboration with our clients to help them uplift capabilities, cut costs, and improve services across a variety of their business operations. Our multiple solutions help our clients improve their efficiency. Partnering with us, our clients gain access to cost-effective, on-demand business services, as well as experienced consultants, a sound knowledge base, benchmark industry practices and software as a service (SaaS). We base our Business Process Outsourcing Services on industry best practices and our consultants specialize in helping you discover new ways to utilize our solution to perform more efficiently.

Campus Solutions BPO

Higher education institutions are being called on to deliver more with less, managing tight resources and thinning budgets while continuing to advance their institutional mission and operational and strategic goals. More emphasis is now being paid on all the events and touch-points that make up the long-term relationship that a student has with his college or university. This relationship is now being defined as the student life-cycle. Our Campus Solutions BPO includes the following

Campus Administration

Campus Admissions, Registration and Records maintenance services and accreditation, Graduation management services.

Student Administration

Online Prospect Inquiry services, Online Admissions services, Online Student Enrollment including Continuing Education, Financial Aid Scholarship Application, Faculty Workload Tracking and Planning and Career Planning and Placement services, State-mandated Effort Reporting and Student Lifecycle Management.

Finance & Accounting BPO

Successful finance departments predict future performance based on past performance, but few CFOs have the predictive tools needed. Addvantum Finance and Accounting Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services can help drive finance’s top priorities: analytics, planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Procurement BPO

Procurement lies at the heart of companies’ operations, and realizing savings can fund innovation, support growth and foster time to market. Addvantum Operations offerindustry leading technology, global reach and dependable service to help your company lower costs and maximize revenue.

Human Resources BPO

Skilled and proficient employees are the basis of true, enduring competitive edge—companies have to attract and retain these key resources, as well as ensure their skills are enhanced and kept up to date. Many of the world’s leading companies are turning to BPO to achieve this goal, and ultimately attain high performance. AddvantumTalent & HR BPO delivers next-generation benefits, teaming up business results with cost savings to drive high performance.

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