Oracle’s Advanced Cloud Technologies

Global tech giant Oracle offers some cutting-edge cloud applications that are reliable, scalable, robust and secure for their users. These cloud technologies feature appropriate server infrastructures that are designed to run all kinds of day-to-day business applications in the private clouds. Built on the most advanced engineering system and modern cloud platforms, Oracle brings complete, data-driven, personalized and connected cloud technologies that can improve any business quickly and efficiently.

Oracle’s cloud applications are classified into four major categories: PaaS (Platform as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), and DaaS (Data as a Service). These cloud applications are known in the industry as being well-integrated, modular and innovative. They are an effective means of achieving business transformation as they increase agility, lower unnecessary costs, and reduce IT complexities. How exactly can consumers benefit from Oracle’s cloud applications? Each one offers unique benefits, depending on the user’s function. Here is an overview of the benefits of using each application:

  • PaaS: Perfect for IT professionals and developers. PaaS can integrate existing IT with advanced cloud services to accelerate application development and deployment.

  • SaaS: Great for any user in general, but perfect for managers. This technology allows users to access any application software within their company’s private cloud. There are specific software modules for many processes such as accounting, project management, sales management, supply chain and more

  • IaaS: This pioneering cloud application is great for power users. It offers a set of diverse core capabilities such as elastic computing and networking in order to help meet IT goals and milestones faster.

  • DaaS: Perfect for marketers and data scientists. This application aggregates and analyzes consumer-specific data. It also enables the user to target the right customers, personalize their experience, and measure the effectiveness of their engagement.

With these cutting-edge cloud applications, Oracle continues to differentiate itself based on its ability to deliver secure technology that performs well. Oracle’s cloud products have helped thousands of clients improve their work processes and achieve the growth they were looking for.
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