Oracle Cloud Grants for Higher Education

Managing grants and funds in higher learning institutions calls for absolute control and visibility of how these finances flow in and out. Oracle Cloud Grants is useful for reducing the workload and complexity that comes with handling these streams of revenue. Oracle Cloud Grants helps in accelerating award processes, from initial funding to close out. This saves time and reduces the risks that come with handling vital financial aspects such as internal control, reporting and billing requirements.

Addvantum’s team of experts can easily install Oracle Cloud Grants in any academic institution’s system to provide core financial functions such as budgeting, commitment controls and accounting. The software can manage grant cycles, identify cost control issues and send alerts to financial administrators, in real time. It is able to eliminate operational inefficiencies by receiving and defining invoices for grants and revenues then proceeding them on to the billing and budgeting phase. It is able to do all this by linking the elements of grant administration and project management.

The multi-dimensional Oracle Cloud Grants is very beneficial to project managers. The software is adept at reducing project implementation time, predefining a multi-dimensional reporting platform and analyzing historical averages. This is necessary in grant management, ensuring that the staff complies with financial reporting procedures.

Oracle Cloud Grants is a robust financial reporting and analysis tool that improves the way universities process their grants and funding activities. It also plays an integral part in ensuring that there is a secure and consistent communication with project teams, ensuring successful delivery and improved productivity in the institution.
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