Oracle HCM Cloud empowers Higher Education institutions

Successful organizations are those that can readily adopt the business process enabled by deployment of an Oracle Cloud for Higher Education and have the agility to make decisions quickly. By doing so, organizations can reap the benefits of a comprehensive solution in the simplicity of the cloud, delivered in the most cost effective manner.

Oracle is making significant investments in solutions for the higher education industry, providing institutions with the functionality, flexibility and choice they need to support institutional excellence, enhance the student experience and drive student success. Oracle offers higher education institutions unprecedented choice to support innovation and operational efficiency.

Oracle HCM Cloud empowers Higher Education institutions by leveraging easy to use tools that are personalized, social, deliver insights and cover the full lifecycle. With Oracle HCM Cloud, you can find, grow, and retain the best talent, enable collaboration, provide complete insights, increase efficiency and make it easy for everyone to connect on any device. Talent Management becomes that much easier with Oracle HCM Cloud for higher education.

Institutes can easily source, recruit, develop, and retain their top talent with an engaging, social, and data-rich talent management software suite.

Workforce Rewards are also easily and effortlessly manageable thanks to Oracle HCM Cloud for higher education. Talent can be attracted and retained with differentiated rewards and flexibility is gained to address simple and complex organizational needs.

With Oracle HCM Cloud for higher education, Workforce Management can be capitalized upon.Oracle HCM Cloud for higher education allows colleges and universities to optimize their global workforce management processes; efficiently manage projects, time and labor, leave and absences; and improve employee and operational excellence.

The Oracle Consulting team is focused exclusively on Oracle Technologies, and has the experts that others turn to for leading practices in Oracle hardware and software implementations.

Oracle team knows how to best optimize the investment in Oracle products and can provide your higher education facility with tightly integrated, comprehensive, superior services, thus, enhancing your overall ownership experience.
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