Going Beyond PLC Programming

Developing Custom Installations and Integrating with Existing Systems

Addvantum’s Automation services begin with identifying the client’s needs and working with the client to define the scope of the project. From altering existing installations to developing new distributed control systems, Addvantum is well-equipped to implement projects that vary in size and difficulty in an efficient and secure way. We apply our employees’ experience and harbor on vendor relations to develop and identify control mechanisms that attain anticipated results.

Working within client defined standards to encourage conformity or using Addvantum’s own Automation standards, we endeavor to generate agile and secure user-friendly control systems. Our proven track record enables the provision of support on legacy systems and the expertise to execute the most recent technology offerings from many control system vendors. Addvantum’s well-designed workflow processes and efficient programming approaches guarantee that our projects meet client scope, timetable, and budget. Our Automation Services also include:

  • Client Training
  • Control System Testing and Commissioning
  • Continuing Maintenance and Support
  • Control Panel Design and Fabrication
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